Uplifting Words for an Uplifting life…

As I open my eyes to greet day, I am thankful. Thankful that I can open my eyes, because there are those who did not. I am thankful that I have a sound mind and I can move pain free because there are those who can not. I am thankful that I can breathe on my own because there are those who struggle to breathe and need assistance. I am thankful that I have been given another opportunity to pray on someone else’s behalf for healing, deliverance and wholeness. Today I send up a simple prayer: Lord I am thankful that You are my life. Thank you for loving me and forgiving me of all sin and iniquity. Thank You for giving me a heart of flesh to care for those In need. Thank You that We can cast all my cares upon You. Thank You Lord for giving me a heart and desire to pray. Lord create in us a clean heart.
Father in the name of Jesus I Loose the Spirit of Salvation upon those who are lost! I decree a refreshing upon those who have grown tired and weary! May the Blessing of the Lord overtake all who read this message! May they hunger and thirst for righteousness! May peace that surpasses all understanding guard their heart and mind. I decree and declare wisdom of God come forth where there has been confusion! I decree healing to the broken minds, broken hearts and bodies! I decree the Love of God shall overtake you and the answers you’ve been searching for have been found! I decree wholeness where there has been brokenness! Where there has been lack and poverty I decree wealth and prosperity! In the name of Jesus!
Take the time to search the scriptures to find out what God says about you. You are a very special person to Him. Spend time with Him and allow Him to speak in your life. Be thankful. You are a world changing Kingdom building powerful influencing champion of the Most High!
In Him
Hopefull Messenger

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