Good morning all…
No matter what happens or when or how be quick to forgive. Unforgiveness is an open door to the enemies camp. Yes, things do hurt; words, physical abuse, betrayal etc. We do not deny that. BUT GOD! is greater than any pain, words, betrayal, fear that you could ever imagine! Forgive. Because hanging on that cross at Calvary He forgave the world for the past, present and future. He endured, bled and died THEN ROSE AGAIN! So that you might have life abundantly! I choose the best side of this life on earth and that is Jesus! Don’t hold on to those things that drag you down and will destroy you! You are worth so much more than what someone else said, did or even will speak or do against you. The Power of Gods love is purifying. Let it wash you today!
Be blessed. Stand strong. And BE LOVE!

Hopefull Messenger
Davina Stallworth

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