Word of Encouragement

Hopefull Messenger Speaks:

You are ACCELERATING! You are called into greatness! Don’t let the thorn in your side stop you! The plan has already been written, stamped and sealed. Do you want your Destiny? Speak forth RELEASE IT LORD! Cry out to God in Jesus name! Take off those clothes of shame, anger, rage, unforgiveness, poverty, bitterness, complacency, rejection and fear! These are not yours! and they DO NOT belong to you! There is a fire in your belly that is a SOUND from heaven that YOU must release! I decree total freedom to run, to take charge, to crush, to gather, to pluck up and destroy that which hinders, binds, stops, constricts, and pushes you off the Alignment assignment with God! You have the power and Authority from the Lord God Most High to do what He has given you to do! I place a DEMAND on your DESTINY And tell it to COME FORTH NOW! In Jesus name! No more doubt or fear! MOVE IN THE FLOW OF THE SPIRIT OF GOD! He is HOVERING over you! Release the PRAISE from your lips and see the hand of God move! Selah!

Hopefull Messenger

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